toyota mr2 gt 1995 Toyota MR2 in Forza Motorsport 3
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Would a 1994 or 1995 model Toyota Celica GT engine fit a 1991 Toyota MR2?
DSM or JDM HELP! Subaru/Toyota/DSM?
Alright, so im stuck deciding which to choose, 1997 Subaru impreza 1.8l AWD (Gaven car to me, 1st car) 1995 Toyota MR2 GT Turbo 1995 Eagle Talon TSI AWD Alright, So right now i have the 97' Impreza and dont know whether to stick to that and do a swap? im thinking of just doing a direct swap from a WRX with a maybe possible 6spd STI tranny, thats if i keep the car, havent heard too many problesm with subaru swaps before, but is it pretty hard to swap on a 97' impreza base model? besides, i would have to swap out the whole drivetrain of my subaru, tranny, diff. axles and everything else, how much will it run me? 95' MR2, i just finally got hooked on it not too long ago, talked with a guy that had one, saying that it wouldnt be the car of choice if i was just in the entry level of tuning a turbo car, and told me to just start with a DSM instead since its cheaper to tune and fix? but i've read forums of DSM not running right after throwing mods at it? im confused. So whats the GOOD/BAD of each car? i really want the MR2 but kinda want the DSM too. and maybe the Subaru too, THANKS.Hi everyone. Please help me decide which vehicle would be best to purchase. I like the look of sporty cars.?
The options are between Mazda Miata,Mercury cougar, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Hyundai Tiburon or Toyota: celica GT, MR2 Spyder Spyder Convertible. Which car would be the best purchase. The things that are important to me are value, dependability, and safety. I plan to keep the car for a very long time. I want something that will last and not give me a lot of trouble as far as repairs are concerned. Help! I want to make the best decision possible but since I'm a female my opinion could unintintionally be swayed by exterior things that do not matter in the long run. Thanks in advance for your responses.What are the some of the fastest but cheap cars made 1995-2000?
Im looking at buying a fairly fast car, that i can do verrry lights mods on, just tint,lower,rims, maybe exhaust. I would prefer turbo and anything over 200hp. I was looking at the Eclipses and they seem really nice,but what other cars are there? I dont want any civicsWhat is the best car to make tuner?
For a budget 1000-9000 $ I have a few cars in mind like a 240sx _Integra_200sx Plz hel.

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